Get Used To It:
Zoom Media Interviews Are Here To Stay

By Greg Beuerman

Add to this world of economic and social disrupters (Lyft, AirBnB, Instagram and others), the advent of Zoom and Skype media interviews, courtesy of course, of Covid-19.  While we all look anxiously to the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccines, and a return to business as usual, the reality is that virtual media interviews are here to stay.  At BMF we’ve known that for most of 2020 and have successfully created training programs for demanding clients facing demanding challenges in conveying important messages to the media and external stakeholders.

What we know and have helped teach our clients is that conducting a Zoom interview demands an entirely different mindset and set of considerations, any one of them can make a significant positive or negative difference in the success or failure of your interview opportunity.  Among those important differentiators, we help our clients understand are:

  • The criticality of in-depth rehearsal, playbacks and critiques to identify and mitigate challenges with screen positioning, eye contact, background and positioning of your notes;
  • Understanding the use of lighting to avoid facial wash-out or dark shadows that may “color” how you visually come across to the reporter or end viewers;
  • How to reconcile your body language and use of hands to accentuate a key message;
  • Staying fully alert to how your reporter audience is responding to your message and being attuned to when they’re ready to jump in or respond

In short, at BMF we know that Zoom interviews require a very different level of thought, preparation and training to ensure maximum value for your media effort.  Learn more about how we are uniquely experienced and positioned to help you “win” your next media opportunity by contacting Greg Beuerman at