“And the greatest of these is…execution”

All communicators and the organizations they communicate for know there are five essential aspects to impactful communication: 1) conducting research and gathering factual knowledge about the topic at hand and the stakeholders they’re trying to reach; 2) developing the right strategies to achieve communications objectives; 3) aligning those strategies with appropriate tactics; 4) executing and delivering messages effectively and on … Read More

Successfully Communicating With Adversarial Stakeholders

Since 1990, BMF has specialized in helping clients manage a wide variety of contentious and challenging community relations issues. While we’ve seen, heard, learned and taught a lot over those 30+ years, a two and a half year engagement to assist a client seeking to undertake a controversial energy project really helped us galvanize our experience into important lessons for … Read More

Brands and COVID-19

Markets changing, purchasing habits changing, target customer lifestyles changing…all leading to a rethinking of how a brand successfully navigates the pandemic in the short-term and beyond.  In some cases, sales or services have exceeded goals.  As reported in the July 2020 Harvard Business Review: Cosmetics online sales are reaching the 50% level; all things relating to upgrading the home environment … Read More

How Reporters Use Social Media and How It Impacts the Public At-Large (Part 2)

By Courtney Cash, BMF Digital and Social Media Account Executive This blog is a continuation of last week’s post, Emerging Trends in How Reporters Use Social Media and How It Impacts the Public At-Large (Part 1) where BMFer Courtney Cash discussed how reporters are using social media today and why speed is such an important factor. In this week’s post, … Read More

How Reporters Use Social Media and How It Impacts the Public At-Large

By Courtney Cash, BMF Digital and Social Media Account Executive Over the last few years, we’ve seen journalists utilizing social media for numerous purposes. Whether they are keeping up with trending hashtags, identifying expert or highly opinionated sources for developing stories, asking users to borrow live footage that has been posted, or just updating their audience with news, journalists are … Read More

Is Your Company Prepared to Communicate a Data Breach?

By Greg Beuerman According to Business Week one in four US companies has already been victimized by a data breach. The FBI and other federal agencies claim there are only two kinds of companies in the world: Those which have been victimized and those that will be. Is your company prepared to communicate with your key stakeholders when your number gets … Read More

Get Used To It:
Zoom Media Interviews Are Here To Stay

By Greg Beuerman Add to this world of economic and social disrupters (Lyft, AirBnB, Instagram and others), the advent of Zoom and Skype media interviews, courtesy of course, of Covid-19.  While we all look anxiously to the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccines, and a return to business as usual, the reality is that virtual media interviews are here to stay.  At … Read More

Change comes from within in the quest for brand authenticity

By Julie O’Callaghan Historically and logically brands have always cultivated an image that is projected outwardly. The image that builds a loyal and engaged following is of vital importance to the success of any brand. One of the more recent and interesting shifts in brand growth is that, rather than focusing entirely on what is exterior, brands are being forced to … Read More

Nyxed Emotions and a Brees of Discontent

THE CONSEQUENCES OF POOR COMMUNICATION AND BEING TONE DEAF DURING TIMES OF CRISIS By Julie O’Callaghan How we communicate has always been important, but during a time of unprecedented (for a lot of us) national crisis, it is critical. At the risk of being on high repeat, BMF has always shouted that crises are not remembered for how they’re handled … Read More

The Iowa Caucuses: A Catastrophic Communications Failure

By Greg Beuerman | Partner/Owner at BMF We’ve said it before but just to be consistent (and show we’re right), most incidents are not remembered for how they were handled, but for how they were communicated.  Monday’s ill-fated Iowa caucuses are a startling case in point. Don’t get me wrong.  I love the Iowa caucuses.  Politics is in my DNA and … Read More