Is Your Company Prepared to Communicate a Data Breach?

By Greg Beuerman According to Business Week one in four US companies has already been victimized by a data breach. The FBI and other federal agencies claim there are only two kinds of companies in the world: Those which have been victimized and those that will be. Is your company prepared to communicate with your key stakeholders when your number gets … Read More

Get Used To It:
Zoom Media Interviews Are Here To Stay

By Greg Beuerman Add to this world of economic and social disrupters (Lyft, AirBnB, Instagram and others), the advent of Zoom and Skype media interviews, courtesy of course, of Covid-19.  While we all look anxiously to the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccines, and a return to business as usual, the reality is that virtual media interviews are here to stay.  At … Read More