Crisis Communications

Protecting Reputations At Risk

At BMF we know that protecting brands and reputations at-risk takes more than throwing advertising dollars at a problem. We bring an unmatched level of experience to serving our clients with unique problems ranging from allegations of fraud and mismanagement to civil and criminal litigation to labor actions and mergers and acquisitions.

Our firm has been instrumental in dozens of highly contentious and high profile issues management projects and has become the "go to" agency for corporations, law firms and others seeking a thoughtful, measured, strategic approach to planning for and responding to potentially damaging reputational issues.

Reputation management and crisis communication services include crisis plan development and training, crisis response, media training, and litigation communication in civil and criminal matters.

"a thoughtful, measured, strategic approach to planning for and responding to potentially damaging reputational issues."

Examples of our wide range of experience include: 

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • industrial accidents
  • environmental accidents/incidents
  • corporate bankruptcies
  • corporate downsizings and RIFS
  • allegations of corporate fraud and mismanagement
  • product recalls and product liability issues
  • labor actions
  • civil and criminal litigation
  • plant expansions and relocations
  • environmental justice

Maritime and Oil & Gas Crisis Response

No other agency in the Gulf South has the depth of experience in this highly specialized and demanding field as BMF. We've been actively engaged in more than 100 vessel incidents and pollution responses throughout the United States including two of the four most significant oil spills since the Exxon Valdez, as well as other incidents around the world.

Widely recognized by our clients, the media and key regulators for services that are credible, accessible and proactive, BMF has twice won the United States Coast Guard's highest civilian awards for meritorious service.

The BMF Crisis Consortium, our highly skilled network of public relations professionals in more than 30 cities around the world, can provide our clients with local knowledge, meaningful relationships with media and other key stakeholders and prompt on-site response to bring value-added service to our work.

Clients include the most respected companies in their fields including ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, Hilcorp, Kirby Marine, Mitsui O.S.K., and SEACOR.

Compensation and Confidentiality

Compensation for BMF services is traditionally based on project fees or monthly retainers plus face-value reimbursement for related expenses. All client relationships are bound by strictly enforced non-disclosure agreements designed to protect client confidentiality. 


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