Patrick F. Taylor Foundation - "I am a TOPS grad"

By spearheading the development of a social media strategy, community management, copywriting and the execution of strategy, BMF started the conversation amongst TOPS graduates and delivered a campaign that generated over 6 million impressions via social media, digital ad campaigns and grass roots outreach in five months’ time. 

Just as importantly, we had a blast crafting a multi-layered, comprehensive campaign that was able to communicate the positive impact the TOPS program has had on Louisiana college graduates, and on private and public colleges throughout the state. 

The goal of the campaign was to use social media to celebrate the achievements of TOPS graduates by creating a special community of students, parents and program supporters.  Graduates of the TOPS program were defined as students who received some form of the TOPS scholarship for four years and graduated with a college degree.

" BMF delivered a campaign that generated over 6 million impressions via social media, digital ad campaigns and grass roots outreach in five months’ time."  

We established an online presence on social media outlets - Facebook, Instagram, Flipboard, YouTube, LinkedIn and reddit -  in addition to taking on the task of building a mobile-friendly landing page that acted as a one-stop shop for TOPS grads. The microsite included an email entry form that people could use to send us their testimonials. 

Furthermore, we partnered with local TV stations and state-wide publications to place targeted digital ads that reached over 2 million people and aided in our efforts to gather testimonials from TOPS graduates. We placed Facebook ads and engaged 26 different colleges in Louisiana to strategize and execute a Facebook campaign that generated close to one million impressions in just one month. 

In just five months, our campaign attracted more than 5,000 engaged fans on Facebook alone and successfully raised the profile of the “I am a TOPS grad” campaign. During that same timeframe, we compiled more than 100 testimonials from TOPS graduates representing eighteen different schools throughout the state of Louisiana. The widespread support and response that we received further validated the tremendous impact the program has had on the lives of so many Louisiana residents. We then strategically posted these testimonials, video and written, across all six platforms to cross-promote our campaign. The result?  Unprecedented awareness of the impact of the TOPS program for engaged, productive students, graduates and families. 


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