Legacy Donor Foundation

Over 100,000 Americans nationwide are waiting for life-saving organ transplants and, of that growing number, more than 1,800 live in Louisiana. From just one donor, up to nine lives can be saved, vision can be restored to two individuals, and over 50 lives can be enhanced through tissue donation. The Legacy Donor Foundation, in partnership with Donate Life Louisiana, aims to increase the number of potential donors in the state by 100,000 per year, and, in turn, decrease the staggering number “waiting in line.”

BMF was hired in 2008 to help raise organ donor awareness and increase Louisiana’s donor registry. BMF created "Get Your  On", an awareness campaign that used both PR and marketing tactics to dispel the numerous  myths and misconceptions that prevent people from saving lives by signing up to become organ donors. The idea for this tagline arose from the tiny red heart that is put on registered donors’ driver’s licenses.

"BMF achieved widespread earned media coverage statewide surrounding various events that were targeted to Legacy’s goal of increased registration."

Our relationships with vendors allowed us to successfully solicit donated billboards for two phases of the campaign across the State of Louisiana. The first phase of billboards featured the campaign slogan and a Louisiana state driver's license that succeeded in encouraging residents to request the organ donation heart designation on their licenses. The second phase of the campaign focused primarily on state-issued license plates which displayed the Legacy heart. All proceeds from the sales the license plates help fund awareness activities and donor education. The estimated value of the donated billboards through 2009 was over $300,000.

BMF also created a 30-second television spot featuring both donors’ and organ recipients’ testimonials to address and dispel several of the most common myths associated with organ donation. The spot was sent to TV stations statewide who agreed to run it as public service announcements (PSA’s).

In 2009, 40 percent (or 1.7 million) of Louisianans were registered donors and by 2010 the list of donors was 1.8 million names strong. The Legacy Donor Foundation and Donate Life Louisiana ended 2011 with 56 percent of all licensed drivers and 58 percent of all residents over the age of 17 registered as donors.

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