Dr. Anna Pou

Among the flagships of our reputation management and litigation-related work has been our "labor of love" service to Dr. Anna Pou, falsely accused by a politically motivated state Attorney General of crimes at Memorial Hospital during Hurricane Katrina.

For nearly two years BMF assisted Dr. Pou's dedicated legal team, headed by Rick Simmons, in creation and execution of media strategy designed to ensure that this hero of the storm was vindicated and her previously stellar reputation restored, all in concert with her top-notch legal team’s strategy.

The national and international conversation around the issues created by Hurricane Katrina, and the fact that the medical community and patients were abandoned in the aftermath of a lack of adequate planning and preparation, were important factors to keep top of mind.  External factors that had to be addressed included myriad media outlets, a popular television series that showcased the issue as an episode concurrently with the convening of an actual grand jury, and the creation of one of America’s first not-for-profit media outlets, ProPublica.  In short, Dr. Pou’s horrific experience was on the world stage.

" Following a unanimous grand jury decision not to bring charges against Dr. Pou, we joined with her to lead the successful legislative fight to change Louisiana's disaster medicine laws and make them the most progressive and doctor and patient-friendly in America."

Ensuring patient care and basic protections for physicians in crisis situations became an important focus for Dr. Pou, who remains one of America’s top oropharyngeal oncologists and a hero to many.

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