Café du Monde re-opening post-Katrina

Six weeks after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans seemed to all the world to be foundering. The viability of our local economy, tourism base, government and social services and more were largely in doubt. Residents' morale was at an all-time low and New Orleanians were desperate for some good news and a return to some degree of normalcy.

BMF was selected by world famous Café du Monde to promote its re-opening as a sign that the city's recovery had been launched in earnest and to publicize the event among a news media that was eagerly covering the status of the city and the prospects for a speedy economic recovery.

" The reopening showed the world that New Orleans would get up off its knees."

With a limited budget and little time to plan, we set about ensuring that the world would indeed wake up to Café au lait and beignets, bustling waiters and the charged atmosphere of a vibrant and authentic city on its way back from almost total devastation.

Over one hundred media outlets worldwide reported directly on the event including ABC's Good Morning America, which broadcast live from the Café, heralding an important emotional and economic milestone and giving the Crescent City a badly needed boost following weeks of turmoil and distress.

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