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Join the BMF team and gain experience at a dynamic and established New Orleans firm! 

Interns will play an important role in a variety of tasks and areas of work that include public relations, marketing, and social and digital media. Learn how to use both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels to develop integrated marketing communication strategies that meet the needs of every client, big or small. 

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Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Washington D.C. remains in the spotlight as President Trump continues into the second month of his time in office.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out against President Trump’s travel ban and racism towards Muslims throughout the world.  Trudeau promised to welcome anyone into Canada, despite their origin or religion.

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How To: Use Instagram Live Video

                Sue B. Zimmerman, the author of “Ready, Set, Gram” online tutorial, gave a webinar through the Social Media Marketing Society last week.  The Instagram expert discussed an underused feature on the popular social medium: the live story.  Like Snapchat stories, Instagram’s live feed allows you to create and share videos that can be viewed for 24 hours.  The goal is to use the tool to tell a story, Zimmerman says.

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2017 Super Bowl Ads Too Friendly?

This year, like all years, there were crowd-pleasing Super Bowl ads and there were controversial ads. #BoycottBudwiser – misspelling and all – was trending moments after the Anheuser Busch spot aired. Other post-game commentary criticized brands for polarizing themselves with overtly political messaging. But really, what issues did consumers have with this year’s ads? BMF did some research to determine why viewers were so eager to criticize.

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How Brands Showed Their Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has quickly become one of the most commercialized holidays in modern culture. What originally started out as a feast day for St. Valentine has morphed itself into the perfect opportunity for brands to sell products and increase their brand recognition. These feel-good, love-filled ads get more creative as the years go on, and yesterday’s batch certainly lived up to the hype. Check out some of the BMF team’s favorites:


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