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Managing Hostile Stakeholders In a Controversial Project

Since 1990, BMF has specialized in helping clients manage a wide variety of contentious and challenging community relations issues. While we've seen, heard, learned and taught a lot over those 27 years, a two and a half year engagement to assist a client seeking to undertake a controversial fracking project really helped us galvanize our experience into important lessons for others to learn as well. 

Here's part one of our two-part post on managing hostile stakeholders on a long-term project.  We'll post part two in a couple of weeks.  Happy reading! 


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BMF Weekly Roundup 04.17.17

In light of the recent onslaught of turmoil, violence, and general negativity in our world’s daily news, this week’s roundup will feature the stories we found most inspiring and uplifting.

Be sure to order pizza Friday night. Your pizza will contain a poem by a local young person! We’re serving pizza poetry for dinner and we can’t wait! The poetry comes from the programs of Big Class to make the young voices of New Orleans heard.

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United Airlines and the Spandex-induced PR Punishment

United Airlines Versus Leggings

United Airlines has recently been branded “sexist” by social media users from around the world for the recent incident involving three girls, a gate agent, and some leggings.

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Join the BMF team and gain experience at a dynamic and established New Orleans firm! 

Interns will play an important role in a variety of tasks and areas of work that include public relations, marketing, and social and digital media. Learn how to use both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels to develop integrated marketing communication strategies that meet the needs of every client, big or small. 

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Weekly Roundup 2.12.17

Washington D.C. remains in the spotlight as President Trump continues into the second month of his time in office.  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out against President Trump’s travel ban and racism towards Muslims throughout the world.  Trudeau promised to welcome anyone into Canada, despite their origin or religion.

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